Stone Suppliers

Please feel free to visit our local suppliers for slab selections. Most suppliers are open on Saturdays, but you should call to verify


** Suppliers will only hold your selected material for 14 to 60 days and will not notify us or you that product has been released after time period has expired. Suppliers will no longer hold material while you wait for a new shipment to come in. They are in the business of selling slabs and cannot bring new shipments until room is made by selling existing inventories. MB Marble is not responsible for the policies of our suppliers. You should not hold material if your job is not expected to start (interior) with in this period, it is recommended that you wait to select your actual material during the dry wall phaze of construction. MB Marbe will not pick up material without final cabinet drawings that can indicate quantities required and the required 50% deposit. Check with suppliers regarding their individual policies. If other arrangements are made by you and the supplier get it in writing and get your salesperson's name.


When bidding your job we probably specified the material selection as a "3CM" thickness, "Mid Range" material ... choosing a 2 cm thick material may/will incur a price increase.

NATURAL STONE is a product of nature. The natural color, texture and veining may vary in each slab and from one area of the slab to another within the same piece. All stones have natural variations, coloration, fissures, veins $pits, some more noticeable than otheres, especcially when laying horizontally. MB Marble is not responsible for these variations. In some cases, the very thing that makes the stone beautiful, is the very thing that can create "issues". SOme tend to think unusual markings in the stone as imperfections, we need to remember that "Mother Nature" created these materials... they are as "nature" intended. In your (or your customers) excitement and with the overwhelming stone/color selections, you may/can miss some important details in the stone. When making your choice, look the stone over carefully and ask questions. Also, though there can be exception - NO stone is impervious to staining or scratching, even sealed. Softer stones (light colored granites, limestones, travertines, marbbles, etc.), especially Honed, are more porous and prone to staining (even sealed). Oils, butters, saucesm soaps, etc. can stain (darken) the sealed stone. MB Marble is not responsible for this occurrence.

** Please note that a product known by one suppler may be called something else at another supply house (i.e.: Viara at Capco is known as Indian Parana at Arizona Tile), lack of name recognition does nat mean Supplier may not carry it.